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Sri P.G. Tillers Tractors established from 2006 in Salem, India. Japan for the manufacture of Power Tillers and Diesel Engines.
Sri P.G. Tillers Tractors has in-house Design and Development section for upgrading the level of technology in line with current requirements. It also upgrades existing products and develops new products demanded by market from time to time. Sri P.G. Tillers Tractors has ISO-9001 certification for Quality Management System. Sri P.G. Tillers Tractors follows ISO 9001-2008 Quality System requirements to satisfy all customer needs.
The main products of the Company namely Power Tillers and Tractors are used in the agricultural sector all over the India. Power Tillers and Tractors are exported to whole of Africa. The Tractors are also exported to Middle East, Russia and Turkey. The component parts are exported to Europe, Korea and Thailand.
The Company has a nation-wide network of Dealers supported by Sales and Service. This is supported by supply of spare parts, provision of service tools and equipments, making available service information through technical literature, instruction manuals etc., and imparting training to Dealers’ personnel as well as end users namely the farmers, are some of the effective steps taken by the Company towards customer satisfaction.
1. Power Tillers
• VST Shakti 130 DI Power Tiller
• Mitsubishi Shakti VWH 120 Power Tiller
2. Tractors
• VST Mitsubishi Shakti VT224-1D Tractor
• Mitsubishi Shakti MT 180 D Tractor with Rotary
• EuroTrac - VST 180D Tractor
3. Paddy Transplanters
• VST Yanji Shakti 8 Row Paddy Transplanter
4. Engines
• VST - Shakti 130DI Engine
• VST - Shakti VWH 120 Engine
• VST - Shakti K3C Engine
5. Components
• Crank Shaft
• Connecting Rod
• Caliper Lever
• Fuel Pump
• Suspension Link
• Balancer Weight
• Transmission Case
• Crank Case

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